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Dee Dee Becker


Dee Dee Becker offers a wealth of marketing, communications and PR experience which began in non-profit more than thirty years ago with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, American Diabetes Association and Sentara Healthcare (Norfolk). In 1998, she founded Becker Communications, consulting with clients in the entertainment, transportation, education and legal sectors, including The New York Times Company, Virginia Port Authority and ESPN.

As a Facebook Certified Community Manager and Facebook Power Admin, Dee Dee’s talents include crafting and telling stories of healthcare systems and other industries “doing good” for the communities they serve. Results driven, nothing energizes her more than leveraging the power of digital media to maximize online presence, build and engage communities and strengthen brand loyalty.

Dee Dee’s expertise is rooted in communications planning, writing and management across multiple platforms including traditional, web and social media. Her background includes planning and managing major corporate communications and PR initiatives for healthcare organizations, ranging from mergers and acquisitions to program/service line publicity and crisis management. Ask her about the time a Navy jet crashed in Virginia Beach (all survived!), or when a hospital patient caused a shocking stir with a fake bomb threat – her biggest exercises in crisis communications.

When not consulting, this University of Mary Washington graduate wears numerous other hats: Virginia Tech Hokie mom. Wife. Eldest of six girls – the #sixters. Dee Dee’s latest passion includes serving as lead admin for the Virginia Tech Parents Facebook group as well as moderator for the nationally acclaimed and award-winning Grown and Flown Parents group. She is wildly exhilarated by sharing (and commiserating in!) the wiles and trials of other “Grown and Flown” parents – and never lacks inspiration for an entertaining story. Dee Dee also enjoys participating in the Facebook Power Admins North America and Facebook Community Learning Labs – North America groups managed by Facebook employees, where she regularly shares Facebook best practices and tips with other expert community leaders.

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Community Management for Digital Marketers

I was thrilled to join other Facebook Certified Community Managers Kara Cronin, Community Partnerships, Facebook; Briana Ford, Facebook Elevate, Facebook; and Steven Kenniff in a panel discussion during General Assembly’s Hit Play Marketing Week. We shared our thoughts on the value of communities, tips and tools for building them, and our personal experiences with digital marketing, community management, and the Facebook Certified Community Management program.

Check out the link here if you’re interested in learning helpful and fascinating insights from these experts in the community management realm.

Are you passionate about communities, too? Contact Dee Dee Becker to learn more about how to grow a meaningful online community and thrive as a community leader in the digital marketing space.

Crisis Management Case Study: Tips for community management before, during and after a crisis

Perhaps you will recall a national news story a few years ago about a Virginia Tech freshman who was arrested for illegally possessing assault rifles. According to court records, he also tried to buy 5,000 rounds of ammunition, researched bullet proof vests and bought a former police car which he outfitted with special bumpers. In short, he is no longer a student – and numerous stories made the news from local to regional and national outlets, too.

Learn how this event played out over social media and the strategy used to manage the crisis in a large parent group. This Facebook Community Partnerships blog is a two-part series focused on crisis prevention and management in Facebook Groups:

Awarded as “Facebook Certified Community Manager”

I’m excited to share that I was recently awarded as an official Facebook Certified Community Manager. I had the unique opportunity to participate on the team at Facebook that developed this brand new certification program and am looking forward to seeing other colleagues reach new heights in the industry, while obtaining the recognition they deserve. The Facebook Certified Community Manager certification is awarded to candidates who demonstrate a foundational proficiency in community-building strategies, and knowledge of the skills and tools needed to lead, moderate, and engage an online community. The Facebook Certified Community Manager certification exam measures the advanced comprehension and strategic application of best practices and standards for online community management. People who take this exam possess the required digital skills to build, manage, and grow online communities, and have knowledge of the policies and regulations related both to their own verticals, as well as platform policies and regulations.


Facebook Community Leader Series: NYC Edition

I was honored to participate in Facebook’s Community Leadership Panel in October 2019. I met with the Facebook Groups and Products teams and discussed my role as admin for the Virginia Tech Parents group. The panel was live-fed to other Facebook team members across the country, where I shared how the social media platform helps me in running groups as well as suggested enhancements to the tools and features I use. Facebook takes this feedback to develop new products that ultimately help admins create greater, more meaningful impact within our communities. Want to see more behind the scenes photos? Check out my Facebook page here.

Community Leader Series: NYC Edition

Facebook Communities Summit

Since my return from the Facebook Communities Summit in early February, many asked about the event and how I was chosen to attend. Held for the first time at Facebook HQ in Menlo Park, CA, the Facebook Communities Summit is an invite-only event hosted by Facebook to connect, support and celebrate community leaders – those of us who admin pages or groups on Facebook whether they be a business, non-profit or cause related organization.

As one of less than 450 participants and 12 speakers chosen to attend, I heard announcements from CEO Mark Zuckerberg, COO Sheryl Sandberg and others at Facebook about the tools and programs they’re building to support our initiatives. It was my version of attending a Super Bowl, or maybe more apropos, visiting the Mother Ship of technology giants. I’m grateful for the opportunity to share more about this unique experience which was highlighted recently in Inside Business magazine.

Inside Business Image

Facebook Communities Summit Crisis Panel

Pictured left to right: Kevin Chan, Facebook director of public policy; Becker; Christopher Stephens, admin for Boundary Neighbourhood Watch; Ebonie Gipson, admin for I'm Building Something; Andrew Schroeder, admin for Direct Relief

Business Partnerships

As a leading communications firm based in Virginia Beach, Dee Dee partners with other best-of-breed service providers, including Corrigan Consulting (Norfolk), Feedback (Richmond), Red Orange Studio (Richmond), and Access (Roanoke). She works together or independently depending on engagement specifics.


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